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What everybody ought to know about booking cabin rentals near Bemidji, MN

Finding reliable cabin rentals near Bemidji, MN isn’t easy.

As more and more people find out how our northern Minnesotan town is beautiful and remote, yet progressive and lively, the number of possible vacation rentals can be overwhelming.

With more people opting for rental properties over hotels and over 100,000 vacation rentals in Minnesota alone, how do you get the best deal for your vacation’s hidden gem?

Not to worry! it’s easier than it sounds. Here is what Everybody ought to know about booking cabin rentals near Bemidji, MN.

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First thing’s first: What do YOU want?

Think about how often you’ll actually be spending time in your cabin. If you’re like me and prefer to cook (as well as snacking throughout the day) instead of spending money on every meal or scavenging for whatever is available, a kitchen is a must.

Rarely will you find a secluded cabin that is both remote and close to the conveniences of town, so how important is it to be right on the beach? Do you want the opportunity for resort amenities like fishing, paddleboarding, kayaking, and swimming?

Typically, you are willing to pay more for the things you truly want. Especially in Northern Minnesota, not having to drive to a public beach might make all the difference for you and your family. However, be sure to stay within your budget. You don’t want to spend so much on a cabin rental that you have to dip into funds you didn’t plan on spending, just to eat!

Booking early vs last-minute savings

Honestly, almost always, it’s never too soon to book a vacation rental. Vacation rentals are more scarce than hotels and great vacation rentals are even scarcer! Planning your vacation can significantly enhance your experience and ultimately ensure relaxation and fun. The most popular cabin rentals near Bemidji, MN are lakeside, so if amenities like roasting marshmallows in your own fire pit after swimming all day, or cooking your catch on your personal grill, you should make your reservation as soon as possible.

Especially if you are looking to book a holiday, the Fourth of July for example, reservations fill up faster than you may think. Bemidji becomes a fun-filled town over the Fourth and being on Lake Bemidji during the fireworks is a must-see! Fireworks are shot off from a platform in the middle of the lake and many locals travel down the Mississippi to Lake Bemidji and watch. It makes for a memorable experience whether your vacation is with family or friends.

Simple Research

Your cabin rental can truly make or break your vacation. It probably goes without saying, but too often vacationers are so focused on getting a deal, and not focused enough on getting the information that they need, or authenticating the property.

Start by looking at every piece of information available to you, including the owner’s website, online reviews, and what you can find on social networking sites, like Facebook. Be sure the property is in good shape and is as represented to avoid a vacation stay like many of us have had before where the pictures are very, very different from the reality.

Additionally, find out who you’re renting from

Research the owner, not just the home. Not just so vacationers realize that they’re renting from a successful business owner, but so they learn that they’re renting from someone that has been active in their community for 30+ years and is unlikely to cheat them.

While Bemidji is a larger, growing city, it’s still considered small in comparison to the majority of other cities including Minnesota’s state capital, Minneapolis. The benefit in regards to knowing who you are renting from is how much easier it can be to research people active in our community.

Not every owner is this forthcoming, but if someone is reclusive, it may be a warning sign.

It’s absolutely okay to call and ask questions

The majority of online rentals can again, be overwhelming. In fact, you’ll be relieved to know, that the majority of them are legit. Yet the risk of fraud is still very real, with numerous could-have-been renters getting ripped off in recent years. The number one security guideline is to contact the property manager beforehand. Ask questions, gather information, and walk away if anything appears to be suspicious.

Imagine your rental’s air conditioning broke on the hottest week of the summer, or some other concern arises. Will you have to work through the issue throughout your entire stay? Not if you have someone to call! Here are some more questions to consider asking your next cabin rental near Bemidji, MN’s property manager:

  • How many parking spaces will I have?

  • Do I have to pay for lake amenities such as paddle boarding or kayaking?

  • Is there laundry on-site?

  • Does the cabin have utensils, pots, pans, or a coffee pot?

  • Is there internet?

  • What fees should I be expected to pay?

What everybody ought to know about booking cabin rentals near Bemidji, MN

Needless to say, preparing for a vacation has its challenges. The process of finding a vacation rental is more involved and sometimes even difficult. You’re not only searching for a diamond in the rough, but you often have to email, inquire and request a full quote. Sometimes the process can take some time for going back and forth, but the reward, in the end, is irreplaceable.

Now that you have a more organized understanding of booking cabin rentals near Bemidji, MN you can begin the journey to lifelong memories with loved ones!


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