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Best Accommodations in Bemidji

If you’ve recently decided to visit Bemidji, Minnesota, your next step is to find the perfect accommodations.

While the fabulous water activities, hiking and biking trails, and downtown destinations are likely to take up most of your time, you’re bound to enjoy those activities a lot more if you’ve got a great place to return to at the end of the day. So how do you find the best home away from home Bemidji, Minnesota offers?

Consider What Type of Accommodations You’re Looking For

You’ve got plenty of options when deciding where to stay in Bemidji. Most of these options will likely provide you with a great experience, which means the best spot for you is the one that offers your specific, ideal accommodations.

Many ideal spots offer traditional tent and RV sites if you're looking for an experience in the beauty and the elements. Lake Bemidji State Park is a popular destination, as it’s located right on the lake itself and offers plenty of additional outdoor activities.

If you prefer a hotel or resort experience, you’ve got many options there, too. Many of these lodging options are located close to the lake, but some are situated right on the shore, making for a picturesque visit. Clear Vue Resort is one of these charming resorts and offers a level of privacy and convenience that most others cannot.

Consider What Activities You’d Like to Enjoy

Congratulations, you've chosen Northern Minnesota as your vacation destination! Now think about why. Nature? Family? The lake? If you want to spend your entire trip relaxing on the shore or swimming, fishing, and kayaking, then why not stay as close to the lake as possible?

Perhaps you’re more interested in checking out downtown Bemidji's various local shops filled with handmade items, restaurants for any craving, and other activities such as Axe Throwing or sampling Bemidji's Brewery.

You'll easily find hotels on either end of Bemidji if you're more of a city-goer. However, you can enjoy the best of both worlds by taking advantage of resorts that offer seclusion within nature and the convenience of being close to town.

Consider the Conveniences Most Important to You

Not everyone is looking to camp out on vacation, and many visitors would much rather have a few modern conveniences mixed in with their appreciation of nature.

Every hotel offers standard perks like heat and AC, full bathrooms, TV, convenient parking, and continental breakfasts. If you prefer these amenities and more, like if you prefer to plan your meals and cook, maybe brew your coffee and look out at the lake, have a campfire, and roast marshmallows, a resort could be the ideal for your vacation.

Clear Vue Resort’s newly renovated, modern cabins offer all those amenities plus activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, ping pong, fishing, hiking and biking trails, and swimming options. The resort also offers full use of its picnic tables, outdoor grills and fire rings, sandy shores, and much more.

With this many options, your vacation at Clear Vue Resort will be relaxing and fun!

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