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Bemidji Resorts: Why They're Better Than Hotels

When deciding where to stay in Bemidji, you may find yourself choosing between hotels or resorts and asking questions about the best option. Depending on how many people you’re traveling with, the nature of your trip, and the duration of time you plan to spend, both hotels and resorts have their advantages.

From big-name chain hotels to locally-owned boutique lakeside resorts, choosing the perfect location can be daunting. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be! We made it simple to map out what's most important to you so that you can decide.


Many of us grew up staying in hotels. Hotels are typically easy to find, there are quite a few rooms available at all times (depending), and if you're anything like me when traveling, sometimes I'm just happy to have a bed and a roof over my head for the night. On top of that, an easy grab and go breakfast is ready in the morning, the room can be cleaned daily, and conference spaces make it easy to do business.

Now, as we get older, our priorities change along with us. If you're more interested in a spa day, fine dining, shopping excursions, and most importantly, total convenience, a hotel may be the right choice for you.


Vacation rentals are on the rise for many reasons. They're convenient in a different way; full kitchens for meals, local amenities are outside of your doorstep, and they offer a privacy and experience that can't be replicated unless you're a well-established local.

The location of a resort can end up being the icing on the cake. Staying at a resort in Bemidji can easily be seen as ideal because it offers seclusion within nature while remaining conveniently close to various stores, gas stations, and the bustle of downtown

Why a Resort on Lake Bemidji is the way to go

Both have their upsides. Hotels have convenience, resorts offer more of an immersive experience to your surroundings. It comes down to whether you feel a city experience or nature is most important for your experience.

Staying at a resort on Lake Bemidji allows for yourself alone or yourself and whoever you travel with to fully experience the joys of the world around us. Front row seats to a new, stunning sunset every night, fishing all day and cooking your catch for dinner, and still being able to catch a day of city life adventure, Bemidji resorts are a place to have endless fun without being confined to one experience.

Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy from staying at our cabins include:

  • You’ll have more space both indoors and out. Spread out with your friends and family in our 280 to over 1000 square feet cabins, and take advantage of our spacious resort grounds that have been on Lake Bemidji since the 1920's.

  • Lakeside accommodations are something you won’t get at most hotels. Whether you came up for summer fun on the lake, or want to icefish in the winter, booking at Clear Vue Resort gives you instant access to everything this beautiful area has to offer year-round.

  • You get many of the comforts of home. One of the best benefits of staying at a Bemidji resort is that you’ll feel at home while you’re vacationing on the lake. Our cabins went through major renovations in 2019 and are comfortable and modern.

Why You Should Choose a Resort Like Clear Vue Resort

Staying in Bemidji resorts like ours provides guests more options than you’ll find at hotels. Adventure for your whole family awaits you! In addition to amenities that hotels have like comfortable beds, free parking, and on-site laundry, we offer:

  • Fire rings to enjoy with your whole family.

  • Picnic areas are equipped with grills for BBQs with your friends and relatives.

  • Private beach and dock access for swimming and fishing.

  • Ping pong, paddleboards, kayaks, and other exciting outdoor activities.

If you want to experience everything that Bemidji offers and enjoy a beautiful resort on Lake Bemidji, there’s no better choice than Clear Vue Resort. See you soon!


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